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Recharging “The Boomerang”

| September 7, 2013 | 0 Comments

by KV Dipu

I first saw “The Boomerang” at the local tournament. The cricket ground was his fiefdom. Extremely gifted. Batsman. Bowler. Fielder. Born to play cricket. As he gained name and fame through a deadly combination of natural gift and relentless practice of skill, his opponents ran out of options to control him.

And, so, as it happens ever so often in such situations, skill gives way to non-skill. His opponents resorted to verbal warfare to unsettle him. The mind being the most vulnerable part of the body, hero turned to villain as his opponents gradually gained the upper hand.

His entries to the cricket ground were greeted with references to the illegitimacy of his birth and the amorous forays of all his near ones. Influenced he did get, and when the mind becomes numb, the body becomes a willing companion. Runs disappeared. Wickets became hard to get. Sharp fingers became butter fingers.

cricket playersAdversity is the best teacher. His coaches and mentors told him that his skill could not have disappeared overnight. Temperament, not talent, was the issue, was the unanimous opinion of the experts.

So, he trudged to the place where men tread to instil fortitude in the mind. The Buddist monastery. He met a monk who just told him a secret. No meditation, no fasting, no hardships. Just one secret to get out of the rut.

Back he came, fortified. As his opponents welcomed him back with words and gestures of fury and lewdness, he was calmness personified, and the runs came thick and fast. The harder they swore, the more it boomeranged on them in terms of runs, catches and wickets.

Such fame spreads far and wide quickly. The prodigious talent was christened “the Boomerange”. Whatever you hurl at him does not stick, they said. Instead, it comes back to you with higher intensity, they proclaimed.

The Boomerang was asked, when he held the championship trophy aloft, about the turning point when he moved from hero to zero to hero again. “Self-esteem” was the secret the monk taught him. “You dont have to accept everything they tell you. You have a choice. Be above them.” And the parting shot? “If a man looks at heaven and spits, where does it fall?” He got the message….and the runs. And the wickets. And the catches. And the awards. Simple formula. Self-esteem.

- KV Dipu


KV Dipu is a country CXO-level corporate executive from Gurgaon, Haryana, India. He is an  ezine article author, and loves meeting new people, reading, cricket & traveling. You can connect with him at

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